I have created a number of podiums. They are an investigation about the public right to speak out. This piece may be placed ideally in a public space like a park in the city. Here, pedestrians, if they choose may use the podium to their advantage. They may address the public in serious issue of their choice. On the other hand, they may decide to use the podium for a less serious purpose. They may sing, play an instrument or deliver a dramatic monologue. The choice is theirs. The piece is there for the convenience of the public. Information booth

Also, I build variations on the familiar information booth found on city streets .
The booth has many angular panels that overlap creating the effect of
panels shifting toward or away from each other. A person may sit at an
awkward angle inside the booth to answer questions and dispensed
information while facing a questioner. Whose truth is being dispensed?
What use will made of the information? The booth, then, may be
considered a metaphor for the impossibility of knowing the ultimate
truth of information.